Competition Procedures

Please read Competition procedures below as changes have been introduced with effect from Saturday 8th August.

On Arrival
One member of your playing group only, should report to the Professionals Shop to confirm the names of those entering the Competition, collect a scorecard for each player and pay the appropriate entry fees.

Entry to the shop will be strictly one in, one out in order to maintain social distancing and a face mask will be required to enter the shop.

Competition Play
Each player should mark their own card and it is the players responsibility to ensure their name, handicap, the date etc. are all entered clearly onto the cBard. You should mark your score as Player A and select another member of your group whose score you must mark in the markers column, entering their name as marker at the top of the card. Scores should then be checked verbally and you should sign your own card. Cards should not be passed between players.

Many thanks

Joanne Duck
Club Manager

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