Course Work

Update from Colin Fairley (Course Manager) The second lockdown is upon us and I know many of you are as fed up with all this COVID-19 problem as we are, but unfortately many people are suffering from it and lets hope they all recover.

However, as far as we greenkeepers are concerned life goes on and we are taking advantage of the quite surrounding to press on with spiking the greens and apron with the large aerator.

You can see from the pictures that we are punching holes into the greens to a depth of 10” which is a good depth and will aid drainage, relieve compaction and allow lots of air in.

Given golf has been paused for the coming month, this has allowed us to punch 50% more holes into the greens than normal and will allow at least 2 weeks where the greens can rest and breath from this work. Follow up work with the small needle tine machine closer to the end of the month and hopefully before we are open again for golf, will take place and help to smooth and close the larger holes closer to the surface and help prepare the putting surface for play.

The adjacent photos show this program in process

Course Update – 3rd Tee Progress on the 3rd tee is well under way with the removal of the trees on the site, and site has been cleared with the base level created, the first phase of topsoil installed. The shape is now being formed and the preparation of the topsoil and levels being prepared for the turf. This work is being done due to significant number of golf balls that have been leaving the course from this tee.

It is hoped that the final shape of the tee will be in place before the end of the week, and that we can soon start on the installation of the new path towards the tee, progress has been good because the weather has been kind so far. However, wet weather is due tonight (Wednesday) so this could prove a problem, we will of course soldier on and do our best to complete the tee before the end of next week conditions allowing. On other activity we have now finished the deep aeration of the greens and can now leave them for a week or 2 to breathe.

Course Update – Lockdown Week 2

This week, progress on the new path to the 3rd tee is well on the way, and hope to be finished shortly. All that will remain then is the tidying up of the site around the path and the re-landscaping of the old tee site.

We will then have to turn our attention to the course as the mild weather has allowed the grass to grow quite a lot for this time of the year.

Most areas will require a tidy from the semi-rough to fairways, tees, aprons and the greens will get there follow up spike with the needle tines in preparation for a cut/light roll.

Course Update – Lockdown Week 3

This week we have been preparing the course for the reopening next week Wednesday 2nd December.

We have been busy cutting Fairways, Tees & Aprons, and Semi Rough we also gave the greens a hand cut to help even them up after their spiking this past few weeks. Although you can still see holes from this spiking they are looking good for this time of the year, this may look drastic but I can assure you the greens will be glad of the air.

We have been lucky so far this month with not to much rain which has helped, lets hope this continues and that we can have a decent spell over December allowing us to catch up with routine maintenance.

You will see in one of the photos that as of 1st of December, the compulsory use of fairway matts is required (alternatively lift from the fairway, clean and place in the rough) until at least next February, we will also be playing from winter tee positions from next Wednesday.

See you all next week.

Course Manager