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Work has finished on the pathways, and we are now concentrating on bunkers again, both trimming up and the redistribution of sand. I am also investigating the drains on 13 to resolve blockages in several off the drains around this green, we have located 2 that service the front third of the green but are very deep at 4 feet with a clay soil content above them which limits their ability to work, not surprising given their age. I don’t think golf was an issue when said drains were installed. The plan is to make the 2 drains viable and where necessary close to the green dig down and create a new point where new drainage when & where necessary can be installed into them, it is hoped that this combination will resolve much of the soft and wet areas adjacent to this green. We have managed to mow fairways, tees, aprons this past week and are busy running over rough areas primarily to chop up brash brought down by the recent high winds. The verti-drain is finishing spiking the last few fairways, and dependent on the weather in the coming weeks this machine will then move onto spiking the tees and aprons. We have been very lucky over January with the weather but take nothing for granted as is often the case the past few years the worst of the winter weather hits us February/March, so here’s hoping the next few weeks are kind weather wise.

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