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Course Update

If you have played recently you will have noticed that the rough has been reduced in several problematic areas of the course. The feedback we have received is that more needs to be done. The equipment we hired in to help us to do this, cuts and collects the grass, but cannot cut some of the tallest grass and is very time consuming due to the need to regularly empty the hopper. To assist with this problem we are negotiating with a local farmer to assess the feasibility of him cutting and removing the grass for us. We have identified numerous significant areas of long grass for removal. This may appear a little stark at first, but will soon green over. The area in front of the 3rd tee has already been cut so should give a clear idea how these areas will initially look.

In the longer term the intention is to identify areas where we want rough to grow, but in a way which can be managed so that the density is reduced making it easier to find a ball. This may take several years where we have to cut and remove the rough hence starving it of nutrients. The results however should be areas of rough which improve the course visually and environmentally whilst at the same time allowing players a fair chance of finding their ball. Any removal of rough to the right of the 1st, 3rd and 6th holes will be relatively minimal due to the need to deter players from going out of bounds and endangering persons in nearby properties and paths. Please bear with us whilst this work takes place which we are hoping will be next week which is already a week designated for coursework.

Tony Quinn
Greens Committee

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