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Autumn maintenance has been taking place this week, this process done every year at this time involves scarifying of the greens followed up with cutting overseeding then topdressing with sand, the greens were then hollow cored. The cores are then recycled by shedding and mixing with the sand to create as natural a topdressing as possible, this is then brushed and dragged in to help fill the hollow core holes and drive seed into the holes and any other low and weak spots to encourage the types of grass we strive for, the thatch debris it then blowen off and removed from site.

Unfortunately, the heavy rains last week made the greens surface wetter than ideal for this program to work as well as we would like, this was further frustrated with the rain on Tuesday of this week which slowed progress and made things sticky and difficult to progress, mechanical problems frustrated the task further and we are behind schedule. This means that my hope of completing all the greens this week is highly unlikely and that a few greens probably 4 will have to wait until next week although the weather forecast is not great for the coming week. Some rain after this task is not a bad thing as it helps to bed in the dressing and fill the holes. Many of the hole will still be obvious for a few weeks because of the wet conditions preventing dressing get in, and it will be necessary to top-dress them again in the next couple of weeks to aid filling them.

Within a week or so of this second dressing we will follow up needle tinning the greens to help close up any stubborn holes. The next major program of work will start on the greens in November with the deep aeration using the terra spike machine which spikes the greens to a depth of 25cm with 20mm tines at 125mm spacing, which again will be followed up with the needle tines to even the surface and help close up the larger holes within the top 80mm. Here’s hoping for a reasonable spell of weather to complete this program.

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