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Many of you will have been disappointed by the wet weather over the bank holiday weekend, but the gardeners amongst us will be like me, grateful for some significant rain after a very dry April. The rain has finally helped bed in the top dressing from a couple of weeks ago and I can finally see the grass starting to react to the rain with its natural life giving properties.

However, as much as the rain was desperately needed the temperature is still too cold for the grass to fully respond, we are promised some higher temperatures the coming weekend which will help with the softer grass response due to ground temperature rising.

In writing this, I know that it will not be long before I might regret my begging for rain as the growth will soon kick off with its spring flush when things will go mad. Well, we green keepers are never happy to dry, too wet, too cold etc this goes with the territory. I will be monitoring growth and development of the overseeding in the coming weeks and will help stimulate growth with an application of granular fertiliser very soon.

We have been brushing the greens twice a week with rotary brushes to help catch lateral growth from the courser grasses, the height of cut is now down to 4mm which is normal height of cut for most seasonal play, any lower cuts will only be considered if and when conditions will allow and not usually before June.

Having taken core samples on some greens on Tuesday after the heaviest of the rain, I was not surprised to still find very dry areas within the greens, I have already and will continue to apply wetting agents to help with the wetting of these areas, and in some of the worst areas may have to needle tine to help penetration. 

Here’s hoping we are on the better side of the weather.

Please note:

Preferred lies are no longer in operation unless your ball is in a bunker.

Colin Fairley (Course Manager)

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