Course Work

New Fence

Big thanks to Colin, Andrew and Lewis who have prepared the ground and installed the fence along the 1st Hole in the most appalling conditions  But not everyone is pleased as the two young deer were unable to follow mum who had jumped the fence with ease. (they managed in the end)

Latest planting on the 3rd Tee

Planting Shrubs & Trees

Lots of plants, shrubs and trees added around the new 3rd tee and up the fairway… and gorse bushes to be added too. Thanks to everyone that has been involved!

Latest planting on the 3rd Tee

Latest Greens Update

Tick Tock, here we are fast approaching the shortest day and Christmas only a week away. I know these miserable wet and dark days are difficult at the best of times never mind having to deal with all that is thrown at us with the COVID-19 crisis and bad weather. But life goes on as does the needs of the course, its been hard since coming out of the November lockdown with heavy rainfall taking its toll on our operations and the ability to keep the course open.

The course is as wet as I have ever seen it this past couple of weeks, this has meant that we unfortunately had to close the course more than would be liked, but we cant control the weather and we are now only in the early stage of winter, I can assure you that we are doing our best to keep things playable as much as possible, and only close when its at its worst and would prove more damaging both to the course and personal safety if kept open.

The pictures below  shows the 16th green which shows the remnants of the holes from our deep aeration carried out back in early November, I am pleased with the way that they are closing up on there own without having to carry out more micro tinning to help them along. Although, more micro tinning would prove beneficial in any circumstance, it has been too wet to risk more damage.

16th Green aeration work

The greens themselves have taken the wet weather as good and even better than I would have expected, this proves that the deep aeration helps to move water through the profile better. The main problem arises more from getting on and off the greens with weak and soft areas adjacent to greens and tees. You will have noted more ropes and lining around the course to help guide traffic to minimalize damage, this is proving challenging in some areas with the circumstances worse than usual at this time of year.

 We will keep monitoring this problem and ropes will be moved accordingly, I fear that many areas will persist until the spring and in the worse cases I will be discussing this further within greens committee to explore options in resolving this in the longer term, however some areas may persist for years to come given the difficulties geographically and restrictions financially at this time. This problem will require major drainage investigation and installation where necessary. Any such activity this winter will be restricted and limited partly due to staff on furlough thanks to the virus, and the need for the club to save money to help our ability to get through this crisis and into next season in a good position.

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