Course update 18th Feb

Work is all but complete on edging the bunkers and redistribution of sand with only the right-hand green side bunker on the 5th to be landscaped into a grass hollow. It was felt that this bunker wasn’t used much and to help aid maintenance around this side of the 5th green we are turning it into a grass hollow/bunker, this will retain to a degree difficulty for a bad shot but also allow large equipment access and ease to maintain this area more efficiently.

Having carried out cleaning and diverting of some of the drainage on the right of the 13th green and now having monitored it for a couple of weeks, the plan is to dig two one meter square holes at ither side of the 13th green just inside the semi rough to create above one of the drains  a more efficient soak away point to aid drying out of both sides of this green, if drainage problems still persist in coming years we will be able to use both these points as outlets for any new drainage installed when and where required.

We are busy on raising the canopies within tree areas between some holes where play and maintenance is difficult. We are cutting up two meters high on average in order that players can gain access and be allowed to find and play their ball. This also allows some of our machinery better and safer access to mow and maintain around said areas. Time is running out fast for much more winter projects to be tackled and we need to be focusing on pre-season preparation, the season is creeping up fast, the daylight is getting longer are the birds are starting to sing which is an indication that spring and hopefully better weather is on the way fingers crossed.