Course News March

Spring has arrived and we are busy with preparing the greens for the spring dressing, this past week we needle tined the greens and have been busy verti cutting the greens and feeding them with a granular fertiliser to help stimulate growth. The weather last week was ideal and showed promise with the temperatures being perfect, but this week we have reverted to cold and grey weather which seems the norm and shouldn’t come as a surprise. Regrettably, this will slow the growth and progress we are trying to stimulate but on we go living in hope that this will soon turn round back to warmer weather. When the greens are growing steadily and conditions allow, we will be overseeding and topdressing followed with another needle tine to help create truer putting surfaces.

This past week we have been cutting tees, aprons, and fairways in preparation for the season starting this weekend, now that all the winter growth with all the debris that this brings has been mostly dealt with, the fairways mower and tees mower are having a pre-season regrind (sharpen) of their cutting units and a full service in preparation for the coming year. We have on order a new greens mower which should be with us soon, the old mower will receive a regrind after we have completed the top dressing in the next few weeks as this tends to take its toll on the cutting units with all the sand involved and I won’t be committing the new mower to cutting greens until this task has been delt with in a satisfactory manner, the hight of cut on the greens will be reduced over the next few weeks as both growth and conditions allow. The rough mowers are all prepped and ready for action as soon as required. We have now returned to all the tees and have a full qualifying course available for handicap scores.

Here is hoping for a kind spring with warmth and nice sunny days to help the course develop for the coming year.

Course Manager.