Course News 1st March

Spring has sprung although its still cold with it, we have been busy finishing of the last few winter projects before we focus on seasonal preparations. We installed new drainage outlets at both sides of the 13th green and when in the area installed a short drain into the front and centre of the apron which has a problem with drainage. The sumps we have installed are both deep enough and are working well, this gives us an option of a reliable outlet for further drainage in the future in and around this area. We also landscaped the areas effected within the trees where the old drainage required rodding and repairs, I have allowed the outlet for all this drainage to drain of within the trees thus we can monitor effectiveness for the future. We have semi filled the bunker on the right side of the 5th green, this was felt to be hardly used as a bunker but to retain some form of hazard it will now become a grass bunker/hollow. We have been cutting some turf from the practice ground to finish areas along side the new pathways where footfall is affected when approaching tee areas and direct walkways, other areas are seeded where footfall should be less and thus allowing the seed to establish effectively. We have spent a day removing the tree shoots and brush in front of the clubhouse to maintain the wonderful view from the terrace. Our attentions will now be focused on preparing the course for the upcoming season in a few weeks. Here’s hoping the weather aids of efforts and allows us to get of to a great start in April.