Course News 13th April

After a couple of difficult weeks trying to get our spring dressing done, we finally got a short window in between the rain and cold conditions. We have overseeded and dressed with one and a half tons +/- of sand per green, this has been dragged in and followed with a further needle tine to allow air in and creates more holes for the seed and dressing to integrate with the surface, the following rain has helped wash this in.  All we need now is the heat they are predicting over the easter break to stimulate growth and germination of the new seed. We are getting back into the usual cutting pattern that the season brings although the spring flush is still to hit us and this will stretch us particularly in the rough areas, the greens committee and myself have had a walk round and decided on what areas should remain cut/controlled to aid play. Fingers crossed that the weather will be kind and give us a good season.

Happy Easter.